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Dscf0028_1So this is "my" space. It’s really my mom’s. She had it all made up this way to work on all her design projects while she was getting her degree. But now, since she is the best mom EVER I have all my stuff piled up there. I know this is a really grey picture, but the room has really weird lighting. It’s a really long play room and this is one section  that is a little odd because of that slopping ceiling. So my mom got some of those cool Pottery Barn file drawer thingies and had a top made to fit the space. I love love love it. It’s cool because it has this gigantic window seat and lots of places to stash things. I do have it a little maxed out and it’s not quite as organized as I would like, and I’m always trying to keep it clean!

Speaking of coolness, she designed this unit for one of her classes. I think it is so cool. Of course I have it crammed to the max so it looses some of it’s modernness. 🙂 The white thing on top is another Pottery Barn piece. I have all my packaged up still goodies in the basket on the left, run ons next to it, some things that give me inspiration, a few scales for Ribbon Jar, a neat glass box that holds more rub ons, some clip boards I’ve altered and my Scully my Blythe doll keeps watch over the situation. Below all that are complete albums, ribbon swatches, stationary, cards, buttons, magnetic poetry, a slightly broken typewriter (accidentally dropped it off a ledge at my old place, thank god it didn’t land on any one!), stamps, adhesive, ink, and stuff. What you can’t see to the right of this is packing materials for Ribbon Jar, boxes, envelops, and a massive roll of extreme bubble wrap.





This is directly across from that. Oh my god looking at it like this I have to get some more stuff out of site, but it’s hard. My paper is in those two leather bin things in plastic envelops. The left one is by manufacture and the right one is by color.

Just some of my favorite organizational things. There you go!

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