Show and Tell part 1

Finally I can show one of the projects I have worked on for Christmas. Taro just emailed me these pictures of himself in the hat I knit him.
He so cute. I miss him tons! He said the hat was perfect and that I was getting really good, thanks Taro! Merry Christmas and more presents to come!

3 Replies to “Show and Tell part 1”

  1. Hey Amber, thanks again for the hat, and also
    for making me famous on your website.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Taro, you make that hat look gooood. Excelent production Alp.

  3. Hey Taro! I miss you too! Cool hat! Amber made me one, but I’m afraid I’M the one with the big head because it didn’t fit. she should’ve sold it to baby Gap, it was so small. I’m still waiting for my quilt amber….

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