Widget Madness

I’ve had Tiger for months now, but I never fully utilized my dashboard until now. Well maybe utilize isn’t the right word, maybe cram it full of stuff is more like it. Oh I have been having so much fun downloading widgets, it’s not even funny!

On macs you can hit F12, or drag your mouse to a corner if you have "hot corners" turned on to get to your dashboard. It’s a bunch of little programs that are always running. You can easily turn them on and off by hitting that little X in the bottom left corner. I’ve had my clocks, calender, calculator, unit converter, dictionary, weather, and sticky notes up for a while. I love just hitting F12 to see the date, what time it is in Japan, how cold it’s going to be tomorrow, etc. But goofing around and adding lots of silly widgets has been really fun. I’ve got a couple of light-sabers up to decorate for Christmas, a bouncy ball I can send ricocheting around the screen, lots of games. The ones I have up now are fun, Hangman makes me laugh because his body parts kind of get ripped off when you guess wrong, and the Super Brain game is just addictive. I’ve also got a quote of the day, and my daily horoscope. The chicken and the little man give me answers to my questions, then I’ve got lots of decorative stuff, including a working etch-a-sketch and light bright!!!!! I’m a little worried about my Lost countdown clock, since I don’t have the numbers memorized, hopefully I don’t really have to put them in! But the coolest thing is probably the iTunes lyrics. It changes to whatever song you are listening to so you can have instant lyric reference, perfect for my sing-alongs. It’s a good thing I have a wide screen man! Click on the picture to make it bigger and see all the stuff. This is only like half of what I down loaded today! (there is a possibility I’ve used too many exclamation points in this entry, but I’m just so excited I don’t care).

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