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Worked on this Simple Scrapbooks planner last night. There is a class going on over at Big Picture Scrapbooking, and this was their first assignment. I still haven’t decided if I want to take the class or not since it is a little spendy. But I bought the planner when it was on sale so I thought I should decorate it. You can see the cover and details here at 2 peas. Hmm, this looks way cooler in real life, just trust me k?

This morning I spent most of my time taking down Christmas lights. I’ve been working on Ribbon Jar stuff all day, soon you will see an updated ideas page and new ribbon! I have to say if you haven’t read the responses to today’s free association you really should. Kay, your man is so funny!  And Becca, I think I would have laughed at that girl, fushia and royal blue, ew!!! I love seeing what you guys come up with for this game!

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