Free Association Wednesday


That’s right fuchsia. Now what did you think of when you read that? Well let me know for goodness sakes. Just comment on the first thing that popped into your head. As always if you need help simply check out the first free association Wednesday.


p.s. thanks for playing.

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  1. That takes me back to my college days. I was in love and wanted desperately for my boyfriend (now my husband) to hurry up and pop the question! While he was taking his own sweet time, another couple on campus (not a ‘cool’ couple like us, but another couple nonetheless) got engaged. I remember asking if she had made any plans yet–I was always listing my bridesmaids, my music choices, etc.–and she told me she only knew that her colors were going to be royal blue and FUCHSIA! I didn’t go to their wedding, but I just can’t imagine that it looked good together. I mean come on–ROYAL BLUE AND FUCHSIA?!?
    That’s what I think of.

  2. Hanging baskets!
    In my grandparents garden!

  3. yep the hanging baskets here too!

  4. Sweater. My DD wore a sweater last night that is “hot pink”…what I would call fuchsia. Very retro & cute.

  5. Summer and hanging flower baskets

  6. Ha ha, getting told off by my Dad for an unfortunate mispronounciation!

  7. The first thing was the hot pink flowers that my mom has in her garden.

  8. Summertime!

  9. Something girls care about. One of those words which doesn’t really mean anything. Like ecru or mauve. Stupid.

  10. Yep, the hanging basket’s for me too. Always bought my grandma a hanging fuschia for Mother’s day…hot pink and purple. Similar to the horrid sounding wedding colors! Seriously, who would choose those colors for a wedding?!
    (no offense if anyone had those colors in their wedding…I’m sure it was nice, it’s just not what I would choose. at. all!)

  11. I got this New Kids on the Block knitted sweater one year for Christmas, where the background was black and lettering a vibrant fuchsia, neon lime, and puke purple. Yes I wore it with black leggins. The sweater itself hung down to my knees. After all it was the late 80s early 90s. Dude, soo awesome!

  12. You spell it like that?

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