I feel like about 10 bucks

Ya, I defiantly do not feel like a million bucks, that’s for sure. I have a really yucky cold which is just fantastic, a zit the size of the Titanic and to top it all off I get to go to Bj’s big company party tomorrow and meet everyone for the first time, yay! No seriously though, if you saw this zit, you would pity me. This is maybe to graphic, but I popped it and there was (no joke) an inch long hair inside all curled up… ON MY FACE! So now I have a gaping hole on the side of my face that is currently covered with a band aid, think it will heal by tomorrow? Or the redness from my nose will go away? Or I’ll stop sneezing every 10 seconds? Ya, neither do I. Crap.

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  1. Well… did you at least come up with an outfit? I think your readers are too scared to comment, lol. =)

  2. We could have done without the visual… Some things are better left unsaid.
    Tomorrow is another day and you are sure to look fabulous.

  3. alp- i always try to try to see if the zit is really an ingrown hair first before trying to pop it. sometimes i put toothpaste on it overnight or in the a.m. while i get ready and it isn’t as red after that. don’t worry~~~ everyone will be too busy looking at your hottie new haircut to notice anything else. p.s. we’ve got internet now! YES…

  4. Amber,
    Can you get a product over there called Happinose? It may be a little to late for tonight but it’s a really soothing balm which ALWAYS stops my nose getting red and dry when I have a cold. Get some!
    It’s amazing what overnight will do for a zit so don’t worry about that. If you must pop, you need to let the air get to it to dry it out. Or dab it with a little ethanol on a cotton bud to sterilise and dry.
    You hair and your all ways amazing outfits will make you feel much better, and who would care what a bunch of people who judged you on a zit thought. People can’t help liking you. You’re crafty, in an emergency you could make a mask out of a photo of you (not the one with the giant nostril though!).

  5. Hey – just found you through ribbon jar stuff and I love your blog!
    your zit will be okay by tomorrow..if not, that’s what concealer is for! LOL
    just thought I’d post a quick comment to say how much I like your site, your ribbon jar stuff and your photo’s

  6. I have read a few of your entries, and I thought you might like this link (http://www.misstonigifts.net/ribbonstorage.html) about ribbon storage. I know you have a ribbon jar, but this is a nice site if you like organization. I found it through a live journal community called http://www.livejournal.com/community/creative_spaces/.
    I’m from Oregon too, and it’s great to hear you talk a bit about life there. I miss the west coast. Hope you enjoy the links!

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