Well they didn’t stone me or anything

So the party went pretty well. I got these amazing nylons that you MUST try. They are the best for avoiding VPL (visible panty lines). They’re called Spanx, and they totally rock. They almost rock too much. I got some at the last minuet because they are foot less, and really control toppy. The thing is they shrunk me like too sizes, so much so that I could literally pull my pants off with out unzipping them. Good thing I had a really long and tight top that help the pants stay up, because a belt wasn’t an option. The top was this one I have from high school, by Tadashi. It goes with this really fancy satin skirt, which I knew would be too much for this party so I paired it with the pants instead. I had some ho hum black high heels and a little leather purse that has seen better days, but the thing is, it was really dimly lit in there, YES! I also had a wrap. My mom had bought one from Nordstrom once then we went to the fabric store and managed to make a really awesome copy. It’s held up pretty well so I wore that.

The event was in the Portland Art Museum, the newly remodeled section. A super cool ballroom. Thank goodness it was carpeted, it made it so much easier on my feet. Bj’s company’s color is orange, so there was orange everywhere, but in a really cool way. We had cocktails (well I had mocktails since I don’t drink, and there were no limit to virgin drinks, whoo hoo) and dinner, buffet style. Bj won a gift certificate to Powell’s so we went there yesterday. I got an awesome book on Christo and Jean Claude, on the Gates project. They had gambling with fake money, but I don’t gamble. I don’t really like how so many parties are just about drinking and gambling, but it was fun to meet some of Bj’s co-workers. All and all not such a bad night. Oh, the funniest thing was they had all these cakes with periodic table elements and their respective numbers on them. Some of the "geeker" tech guys were checking the numbers with the element letters and making sure they were right. They were quizzing each other on them, hilarious. The cake sucked though.

Sorry about all  the zit talk before, I really was  serious that it was my worst ever. But I hope I didn’t loose any readers over it, my grandma, at least was a little taken aback. 🙂

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  1. Spanx…. They are the best for taking off of few unwanted pounds.. or at least hiding them. Also don’t you just love Geeks…. without them we would not even know they had something like a periodic table element :)!

  2. I found that out last year….if you wear spanx you can fit into a size smaller pants!! just don’t let anyone see you trying to get into a pair of them…or deflate when you take them off!! LOL Unfortunately I found out I could go a pant size smaller (w/spnx) AFTER I bought 3 pair of pricey dress pants. GRR!

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