That’s ribbon-tastic!!


Okay I think some of today’s collections are some of the cutest ever! See that little squaty guy over on the right, I think he’s my favorite with his cool glass insert top and tiny stature. I want to say thanks for all the support about the ribbon jar. I’m still so small that I really do celebrate every order and pack it up with love. I love reading comments on the orders like, "I loved shopping your site it’s so cute," "You have the best ribbon I’ve ever seen," or "Oops, mis-calculated, send me more ribbon!" It’s still so much fun for me, no matter how overwhelmed I feel sometimes. To top it all off lately people have been linking me in there blogs, this is so awesome!! I still would really love to see one of my jars in someones space so if you’ve bought one show me a picture! I miss my babies that go to new homes. I wanted to make sure that all my readers knew I’m having a big sale over at my shop, so check it!
I don’t think people have the same love for herringbone, double faced satins, and cords as me so I’ve put them all up on sale for a week so you can try them out cheap! Make sure you browse all EIGHT pages of the sale! Thank you my faithful blogging buddies, scraping friends, relatives, and crew girlies, I love you all!

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