the happier things

Cracking myself up while helping my mom by modeling some stuff for eBay. Since I doubt this shot will make it under item description, enjoy:
They’re for my little brother Taylor, who doesn’t get excited about anything, he’s such a cool, laid back easy going 15 year old. But I think he really does like them, he wore them around all night. And I made him give me a hug, I mean this was a time consuming handmade gift!

I’m going through a bunch of magazines tonight and organizing all my binders of inspiration. Watching X-Files while I do it. It’s so strange how I can’t seem to watch anything else scary, but I can freak myself out watching these alone. It’s only because I know Mulder and Scully will always come through!

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  1. I said you were amazing… You get more stuff done than I even think about doing! I Love You! You are definitly the BEST daughter anyone could wish for… I mean who else would try on all those stinky uniforms?… Well Brent did… So he must be the BEST son! I love you both!

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