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My dad gets a cuppa. Okay but then there is the cool stuff that you just don’t think about when a store is opened for the first time. Every product is in stock in every size and color. Everything is in perfect order, and so so clean. I always wondered if they made clothes in extra small, guess what they do! I’m not really an extra small size any more but it is interesting to note. I went down the shoe aisle, they had my size, in every shoe. Plus, since it was an invite thing it was so not crowded, and plus I knew a bunch of the people. I could have gone really crazy, but since we were there to like talk to all the people and stuff we didn’t shop too long. I got some interesting stuff. An X-Box 360 for Bj (he is so paying me back, or we’re going to sell on eBay, haven’t decided), a cool swimsuit cover up, some metallic flip-flops (on sale for 6.50), Target exclusive RED Peeps (ahhh I love Peeps!), and some Lebron James Lighting Lemonade Bubblicious (it was on sale for 44 cents, and just too funny to pass up). The cutest thing though were these little girls who came up to me and were like, "Look, look, we found these blankets, see they are six cents, and we asked a guy, and he said it was right!" They were these little fleece throws, pink with Xs and Os on them. Sure enough they had been mismarked at six cents, but the clerk backed it up. The joy on their faces was too cute.

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  1. Wow! I wish I could have gone. It sounds like they pretty much had everything you could ever want. Gotta love the tar-je.

  2. Awesome! Oh and thats my dog up there…well the same breed. So I had to comment. We are also getting a new target out here. They are popping up everywhere huh! I cant wait to do some shopping!

  3. That sounds fun…I had Starbucks off someone’s back before in college…kind of wierd…but gotta love it.
    And exclusive Red Peeps…I can hardly believe it…but then again, it’s target.
    –RC of

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