My jars ask: “Is this heaven?”

Um, yes jars it is. I spent all yesterday cleaning these things like crazy. Someone asked where I scored them. Well since I am always on the look out I find them everywhere, but usually they are not so clean. That was the case for the box you saw that I got this weekend (found in the attic of an antique store). They can’t be dirty because happy clean ribbon goes in there so I have to clean them. I’ve found the hardest thing to clean is when the rubbers are on the jars for like 50 years and they’ve adhered super strong them. I tackle that with a wire brush. You can buy really clean jars, but I don’t think people would be so keen to spend all that extra money on top of the cost of ribbon for the jar, so I try to get them cheap, then fix them up myself. So how sick is this cabinet huh? It really completes the ribbon room. Sitting on top are a few special/weird shaped jars, extra lids, special ribbon that only goes in the jars, and my completed "Olympic Ring" jars (which I will put on the site later tonight).  Everyone knows I own the Ribbon Jar, right? Because last time I posted a picture of my ribbon someone was like, "man, I don’t even have that much ribbon." And I don’t want someone thinking this is my personal stash. 🙂 I am going to try and do a photo montage thingie for my photo of the day of the whole ribbon room, so look out for it. Oh, and that’s nearly 200 jars there, whoo hoo!

Kay, Snickerdoodles are like, the best cookies  ever. I will so send you a recipe, dude, you can make them all year long!

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  1. Amber,I had fun building the shelf with you.In reading your account of the process it made me think of Grandfather and his Father and how building and projects are in the Pence blood.Keep it up love DAD.

  2. Is it weird that seeing all those jars makes me smile? ha! I can’t help it, I love anything to do with organization… containers, jars, boxes, love it all. Looks fabulous~ 🙂

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