Free Association Wednesday


I’m hungry what can I say? Just comment on the first thing that popped into your noggin when you read that. For more help see the first Free Association Wednesday.


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  1. What the flip is a Snickerdoodle?!?!
    I know what a Snickers is – it’s a Marathon.
    I know what a Doodle is.
    Some kind of pencil-centred confection?
    Heebie-Jeebies, that’s a much better word.

  2. A big plastic container of freshly made cookies from Roth’s bakery! 😉 Way more than anyone should ever eat!

  3. OK I looked it up! I want to try and bake some so:
    1. Does anyone have a good recipe? I can trade you for an English recipe if you like.
    2. Is it illegal to bake these if it’s not Christmas?
    3. Is it going to be worth it?
    Ach, get on with your bad selves!

  4. I know I’m late on this, but the first thing that came to me was “October.” When I was a little kid, I had a kid’s cookie recipe book, one cookie for each month of the year. And October was the Snickerdoodle for Halloween, because they look like a big huge autumn moon (it did in the illustration, anyway) 🙂

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