Rocks and Jazz

Well, I’m back from Seattle. I went there for a little holiday with Bj from Tuesday through Thursday only things didn’t go so well. We kinda had a rough time, and things are really hard between us right now, but we are going to try and work them out. We have been talking a lot and that is one of the reasons I haven’t really posted. After we got back, he came over Friday night and hung out Saturday as well. Saturday night I went to the jazz festival at Willamette. Since Sciarrino works there I got a free ticket. It was really nice to go do something like that. That’s something I am going to work on, getting out and doing more. No mater how busy I get I have to do somethings for me. Then it was Ribbon Jar crunch time. Because orders have been hopping lately I had lots to reorder, and new stuff to find. I was also working on a special treat.

     This year I am going to do Limited Edition jars every month. I know I’m starting a month late, but I kinda thought up the idea a little late. Anyway each month this year is going to be a color. The ribbon for all the jars are going to be the same, and most of it I do not normally carry, so it’s really cool and different stuff. If you got a jar every month this year, you’d have a rainbow, so I thought that would be fun. I only did up 20 of the jars so that I could get some really cool ribbon in there, and I think they are all so cute, what do you think?


I managed to get twenty vintage jars that are all the same size, though they are different types and have different degrees of "vintageness" (well, okay rustyness is more like it). I thought I would let my blog readers know about them first. I am hopefully going to get the newsletter out today, but I have one more roll of ribbon coming first, and it’s supposed to arrive today, but I can’t just wait around my house because…

     I am baby-sitting again! This time just until Wednesday night, for a 15 month old named Karsen, and a four year old named Hogan. The baby girl is more like an infant because she was born three months early, so she doesn’t really walk. Oh these kids are too cute. And is there anything sweeter than a baby falling asleep on your lap? Um, no! It is quite hard though, being a domestic engineer. My arms are so tired already, and it takes a lot longer to get out the door. Oh that and the whole baby waking up at 5:45 thing is going to wear me out! So I’ve got that going on, plus Ribbon Jar, plus relationship issues = busy!!!

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