Impromtu Photo Shoot

While brother was taking a nap.

Looking out my bedroom window.
That was Karsen on the keyboard, she says hi.

6 Replies to “Impromtu Photo Shoot”

  1. Karson is way Kute!

  2. SUH-WEET Baby!!! Love love love all of those shots!!

  3. OMG Karsen is too cute! What a smile!!

  4. OMG, freaking adorable! How fun! I’m still in love with your camera. It seriously takes the most awesome pictures. WOW.

  5. The cutest.
    The cutie patootiest.

  6. So I have a picture of Karsen and I have to say she is the cutest little human I have ever seen! Everyday I look at her tongue and it makes me laugh.

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