In case my mom hasn’t told you yet…

Actually it’s a good thing I don’t let my mom post on here, or I’d have nothing left to say! I got a call yesterday that my ric-rac was wanted for a Country Home photo shoot, and this morning the order came in, and it’s all this:

See those cute little elephants? That is one of the ribbons in the April Jar that comes out next week. This jar is for my May guest designer. I haven’t had a real guest designer for a while, because honestly  I don’t get that many applications sent in, and I keep trying to hold out for a seamstress or someone who works with more fabric. I think because I’m a scrapbooker and lots of my ideas have to do with that, most of the people who apply are paper artists. That’s fine, and I’ve gotten to work with some super cool people, but I just want more diversity. So hello, are you out there? I will SEND YOU FREE RIBBON!!! And even if you do scrapbook send me an application, I never did this when I was trying to be published because I thought that competition would be too high and it wouldn’t be worth my time, but do it, please. 🙂
The red one underneath is this awesome fleece thing I got in Denmark, and the size I was shooting for. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I am going to finish the body, then start the other sleeve, and maybe shorten the first sleeve if I have to… But even then… I don’t know man, it’s not looking good. And the frustrating this is, I brought a calculator to the yarn shop, I had enough, ahhhh!!!! (Okay so I didn’t do a gauge, so sue me).

23 Days until May!!!

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  1. okay i have to have that ribbon jar! is that one for purchase in april?~! i WANT IT!!!!!!!!! let me know!!!!!!!!!! thanks!

  2. oh and CONGRATS on the country home gig!!!!!!! that ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
    so happy for yOU! i tell every single person i know about your ribbon!

  3. That’s super-fantastic news about the press coverage. Right on!
    Say, I’d love to try to fashion some flower brooches out of your ribbon… let me know if you’re interested!

  4. Hey I haven’t posted in forever on here.
    I’m lazy.
    + 2 kids and a newborn.
    okay fine, I’m just really lazy.
    But I had to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    Country home!!!!
    I love that magazine. It’s totally hip!
    okay so excited for you.

  5. I only share things which are important… and never anything she asks me to keep to myself! I’m so proud of Amber and I love sharing her accomplishments!!!

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