My Suspicions Were Correct

So anyone got a ball of Rowan Big Wool in shade 36 lot 50825? Cause I could use one right about NOW.

9 Replies to “My Suspicions Were Correct”

  1. It’s kinda sexy…

  2. That sucks! I wish I could say I did – but I don’t!

  3. Amber I have an idea for your sweater, just wrap some of your red rick-rack around your somewhat exposed arm, grandma

  4. Oh, no! I bet you can Google it, or try one of the knitting forums. I’ll have to check my bookmarks.
    I’m sorry to say that I laughed at your picture. It’s very cute.

  5. You know, it kinda looks cool like that! You could TOTALLY pull it off! 🙂

  6. One sleeve missing… sort of reminds me of the time kristen cut her hair on one side down to the quick and aunt Dyann just let it go like that… I mean she didn’t cut the other side to match… You could start a new trend:)!

  7. Hey, use some other color. That would be mode. Or chic. Or vogue. Anyways, a sweater sounds good for my b-day present. You know when, right?

  8. Oh that sweater looks good even without that sleeve..

  9. Oh no, lol! I’m sorry dear. 🙂

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