In the Setting Sun

I’m headed up to Portland in a bit to go to the James Blunt concert in the Crystal Ballroom, but thought I would share a few photos from a quick photo shoot with my sister last night. It was some really low sun, and we just shot them in the backyard, but I think the sky looks yummy. I really want to find a better place around here to shoot and take her out again later.
While watching Em these past few days I finished up all the pieces to my sweater. I have to block them, sew them together and then do like an edging or something, which I’m going to have to look up because I don’t know what it is. Plus after all that I have to do the collar. I can’t wait to work on it, but I have a bunch of other things to do. Like decide if I am going to keep my wheel and then drive to Carlton tomorrow to either finish paying for it or taking it back. Decisions…

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