Busy Hands

So I had started this big bulky top down sweater before I left for Memphis, but I didn’t want to take it with me to work on. I decided I needed a project a little lighter and easier to work for the plane, and yes I still have a sock to finish to make a pair, but that’s boring so I decided on this instead:
So far pretty easy going. Luckily I ran into a woman in the airport on the first day that was wearing tons of hand knit stuff and carrying a homemade afghan so I went up to her and asked her about reading the pattern for the design (I’ve never done anything with a pattern like this where the stitches are boxes before). She helped me get started after I’d finished my swatch (thanks if you’re out there!). The first thing I did was the back and I was using really long metal needles, I kept poking the guy next to me on the plane, but he was a good sport about it. I love using these funky colored metal needles my mom and I have a stash of, I think I have more control now where I don’t need the "stickiness" of the wood (for lack of a better term). I haven’t work on this since I’ve been back, but I hope to knit on it today. Can’t wait to try it on!

In other news pretty much the only thing I’ve been working on since I’ve been back is Ribbon Jar. It’s been crazy busy, and I had to answer all the emails from my time off. Plus I’ve decided to do inventory which involves counting hundreds of rolls of ribbon and looking for breaks. So time consuming and so NOT fun. But my mom is helping me, and she helped me make up a bunch of new jars Thursday, which I put on the site yesterday, and are now almost all gone. I can’t believe how fast they go now. My mom and I decided to go on a jar hunt yesterday and I’m getting a bit worried that I’m going to have to turn into an antiques dealer or something to stay in the fresh (old) jars and lids. So if any of you have a stash somewhere let me know!

I’m off to Bj’s today then tomorrow I’m picking up Emilie from the airport and spending the night up at my dad’s so I can take her to school Monday. Hopefully I’ll get this sweater done so I can get in some good scrapbooking time… I’m just itching to dig into my paper stash! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I hope one day I can knit something like this!! I’m working on another scarf at the moment! I can’t go wrong with that, right?? I can’t wait to go home to see my Mum for a little tution!

  2. I cannot wait to see it! It might be too nice for James. 😉 See you tomorrow.

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