The Search Continues

I love how the old ones get colored. I have some that are so so pink. I’m saving them for the pink jar. For a close up of "the cutest jar ever" see my picture of the day.

In other news I have a medical problem. Apparently WebMD does not consider "ass tasting mouth" to be much of a problem, but um, I DO!!! I’ve had this crappy ass taste in my mouth for like 27 hours. Yes, I am counting the hours. I have brushed, flossed, ate candy, gurgled salt water, downed diet coke, scraped my tongue until I gagged, swooshed mouth wash and anything else I could think of. The only thing that sort of worked was eating a piece of bacon, but really what does that NOT cure? And I can’t eat bacon all day long. Every time I think it is getting a little better I eat something and it (the horrible fungus in my mouth) makes it taste like crap! The worst of all this is that it is repelling me from candy (!) and diet coke (!!!), my main staples of the day. Also the one thing WebMD did tell me that if my breath smells like fruit, to call my doctor. Okay I was like, "um, how can my tastes-like-I-ate-a-handful-of-dirt mouth smell good?" So of course I made my mom sit there while I blew in her nose over and over (only a really loving mother would do this). And she said it smelled good, what the @#$@#%?!?!?! So now I’m hoping it’s not in my head, because this girl I knew had a mental breakdown thing and right before she started tasting pennies all the time and she told me her uncle to her that can mean you have some brain imbalance. Now, I don’t suck on pennies all the time, but this is definitely more of a dirt taste. Any suggestions? Did I loose any readers for ever? Grandma is this an overshare?

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  1. It may not be an over-share… but it does take the fun out of me telling EVERYTHING about you!!!

  2. I’m sorry you’re going through this. It reminds me of being pregnant, when I had a bad taste in my mouth for 7 or 8 months.
    It could be a sinus issue. How are your sinuses?
    The only other idea I have is that when I get a massage they advise me to drink a lot of water in the days following and my breath is pretty bad for a couple of days. Did you have a massage?
    I suggest drinking lots and lots of water.
    Good luck.

  3. OK,
    What kind of taste?
    Is it bacterial (rotton/sour) or yeasty or like phlegm?
    Do you feel like you need to clear your throat a lot?
    Does it get any worse if you ‘suck on your teeth’?
    Any bleeding from the gums?
    Any headaches?
    In any case lay off sugar for a while because if it’s yeast/bacteria that will feed it. A hydrogen peroxide containing mouthwash might help too.
    And go to the doctor (not me, my doctorate is a PhD – trust me i’m a doctor hehehe)

  4. sounds like maybe a sinus infection…
    they can cause a nasty ass taste! 🙂
    jars…you can always try Buckingham Palace or Beekmans Place in Corvallis – I haven’t been in a while, but the next time I go and I see some I’ll send ya an e:mail! 🙂

  5. Amber I hope you forgive me but I simple must tell your nice people out there, refering to your(bad mouth)the truth. Well actually Julie her mother, found Amber in a field after she had been beamed down from a flying square object, well actually I might as well tell the really whole truth. We hear that actually she had been pushed out.

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