Mason Dixon Knitting

You may have noticed that I added a "blogs I’m addicted to" list over on the side bar. One of my new finds is Mason Dixon Knitting, now it may not be new to my readers, but it is so cool. Two women, Kay and Ann, have a blog that they write to each other and their readers in. Well their blog is way cool, and they just came out with a book. Check out this eye candy:
I scanned this in from the copy of the book that I picked up at Powell’s yesterday. When I say this is a must have/read knitting book I mean it! Not just for the awesome projects like the one above, but for the stories, tips, hints, and wonderfulness. Most knitting books aren’t really readable. They are more like galleries: seek out the pattern you want, buy super expensive yarn, and knit it. These girls have it going on with everything from super cheap cotton to rags, woolen stuff, Rowan, you name it. What I like most is the "go for it" attitude. I found it really hard to get past knitting hats and scarfs when I first started. I was so mortified to go beyond any pattern, or try anything that had something like: "K3, yo, k2tog, SKP, yo, p4…" you know, that special language that I couldn’t understand. They show and talk about cool things that can be done with laces, fair isle, and complicated things, but they also tell you how to get the look of lace by just using big needles, and simple patterns. AND they show you cool things like this blanket, done up in stockinette (knit one row, purl the next, repeat). In fact they have a whole chapter on cool things like this that a beginner beginner could do. If you love to knit you can do it, that is totally what I am getting out of this book.

After reading through the first bits I decided enough was enough about my fears of putting together my sweater, and started doing the seams! I have a little sneak peek on my picture of the day. You know what? I did have to rip out my first little bit while I was getting the hang of it, but it’s not that bad… really!

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