To the “golf is not a sport” people:

O.M.G. I am so sore after nine holes it’s frickin’ ridiculous. But to start at the beginning:

Thursday we headed down to California, to my dad’s "winter house" in La Quinta. I was down here in October, remember? So of course I waited until the last minuet to pack because I like that whole fear-of-god type packing, where you panic and just stuff everything in your suitcase. If you’re like me then you must try this as a carry on:


I mean, I’ve said how in love with this basket from Garnet Hill before. I use it to carry packages to the post office, go to the beach, cram my scrapbooking stuff in, grocery shopping, etc. But this has to be one of the best uses ever. You just flip the handle down and it fits right under the seat. So easy to get stuff in and out of, and you can just keep jamming stuff in itl, yes! Plus anyone who has a bigger camera knows what a pain it is to try and fit that in a regular bag with you know, your knitting, magazines, and other gadgets.

Anyway the flight was good and Buddy still managed to fit into his carrier:


This is the pre-zipping "I so so hate you look" He actually fits a bit better when he’s under the seat and lying down. So we got here on Thursday night and yesterday the four of us (Brent, Bj, my Dad and I) went golfing. In the middle of the day in the 95 degree heat. Despite my sunscreen application my "Oregonian White" skin couldn’t take the sun and I am horrible burnt in all the wrong (and weird places). Even Bj managed to burn his shoulders, and he was wearing a tee-shirt. I only lasted nine holes, it’s been since I was playing one season on the high school golf team since I really played. I have a huge blister on my thumb (no glove), and this morning I woke up to the sensation that someone took a sledge hammer to my back. My burn does feel better though.

I’m going to attempt to get some sock yarn dying done. I’m going to head to a thrift store nearby so I can get some cheap pots and old towels for the process. Granite doesn’t stain as bad as marble, right?

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  1. So… to burnt to give us back home in the rain a call?
    Glad someone has some sunshine to enjoy!

  2. What’s this sun you speak of?
    I need to raid your supply stash—I put up the red paper from Madori—bought season 1 Grey’s Anatomy—all these white walls are driving me nuts—got “waxed”—another washcloth finished (5th one)—designing shower invites; using a wax seal closure…
    Funny how you leave when I do get a day off.

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