What, are you kidding me?

These are just some totally random things from this past weekend, but I did have some non-yarn related moments so:

We went to Arnold Palmer’s restaurant in Palm Springs, it was really cool with a big putting green we sat next to outside, in the perfect weather. We got seated and our waiter brought us menus and handed them out. He handed Emilie and I these smaller menus. I looked at it and looked at Brent, and Brent was like, "what are the small menus for?" The guy goes, "In case the younger ones want to order something from the bar." He leaves and things start to click in my head, holy crap I was just given a child’s menu. Not only that but besides my dad and Kim I was the oldest person there! Both I have a year and a half on Bj and two on Brent. Everyone starts laughing hysterically and though I begged him not to Brent asked the waiter how old I was. "um, about 16?" OH. MY. GOD. Do they have a show called Ten Years Older, because ya, I need to be on that.

Later that night we went out to the courtyard and sat around this gas fire pit thing to play a game Brent had to go get because he said it was the best: Electronic Catchphrase. Okay so it took us a little while to get into the game but once we did. Oh man, there was yelling, shouting, it was classic Pence family fun. So the game works by flashing a word or phrase on the little screen. You are trying to get the people on your team to say the word by describing it or whatever. All the while there is a beeping and you have to pass the thing before it stops, otherwise the other team gets a point. The best of the night had to be my dad: "Okay, it’s a, it’s a ride at the fair, you go up and around." Kim: "superloop, um, merry go round, uh…" my dad just kept say, "around, around, around, like a car, it’s on a car." oh, the rest of us were laughing hysterically and when the time ran out he was screaming "WHEEL, A FERRIS WHEEL!!!" ah hahahaha, seriously though, try the game, it’s good stuff. No little pieces, works great.

The best was my dad’s driving. I don’t know why but California seems to bring out the worst in our family when it comes to driving. Many many years ago our whole family was piled in a station wagon with my grandparents, grandfather at the wheel. We were headed over to Disney World and traffic was thick. Soon it was nearly at a stand still, but my grandfather didn’t seem to be getting it. All at once we realized it, from the little kids to the parents and was shouted, "DALE!!!!" My grandfather slammed on the breaks inches from the car in front of us. It’s a joke now when ever anyone isn’t driving so well, they get a little mock yell "Dale". Well my dad got one this weekend. We had to drive Bj to the Palm Springs airport before we flew out of Ontario. He was changing lanes with out signaling, drifting, and getting really really close to the people in front of us. I think Kim said, "Curt watch out!" like fifty times (and for good reason). But the best was when a car past us, looked over and actually pointed at my dad then followed that with a crazy sign (you know, index finger circling the ear). Well we got a good laugh out of that one.

I’m home safe now, of course. Working on some new jars and fun things for June’s newsletter. I have to head over to Sciarrino’s so I don’t get distracted. I might have taken on more than I can chew for this E.B.K. project. EBK? Emergency Baby Knitting: when a baby comes to early, there is more than you expected, or you didn’t even know your friend was pregnant and the shower is next weekend. For me it’s the latter and I really want to finish the gift up so I can get the oohs and ahhs, and maybe if I’m lucky a little tear in the eye. 🙂

Oh ya, and Jamie got me addicted to Veronica Mars. Holy crap is that a good show, Emilie and I downed the first season and I can not wait until September 22nd to see who is at the door (watch it you’ll see!) Jamie I will now see anything you recommend, because dang this show is good.

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  1. That game was sooooo much fun!!!
    I had a blast. Thanks for letting me use my free tickets!

  2. Perhaps your parents should have told you your real age… Are you sure you are really 25? Perhaps it’s just a big hoax!

  3. Check out this – Blythe and Knitting!
    I’m starting to enjoy being asked for ID. I got asked in the supermarket trying to buy a couple of beers. I showed my driving license (1980). The woman was like, oops sorry. The next customer behind me started shouting “oh, I wouldn’t sell it to her, oooh she’s clearly not 18, I bet she’s going to the park with it to cause trouble”. How nasty is that. She was wearing men’s clothes and buying incontinence pads anyway, I’d have kept bloody quiet to be honest.

  4. dude, I’m 30 and I still get carded…
    I guess it’s good though – better than getting a kids menu.
    sorry about that! 🙁
    I haven’t watched V-Mars yet…I should catch up before the next season starts! I only hear good things about it!

  5. Ok, I was cracking up laughing when reading your stories! Especially the driving story about your dad. Was CRACKING up! I can see your dad vearing and dodging traffic and being called “Dale”. Still laughing!…hooo!

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