Short Row = Long Process

Okay so yesterday I walked down to Weaving Works again. I had a simple question, I just needed a part of this pattern dissected for me. I had never heard of srpo before, and it turns out no one could help me with this pattern. I had all five of the people working hovering over me trying to help on the short row heel. ARGH!!! We could not get the pattern, so we went through like all the books and I ended up getting the one Kim had recommended the day before: Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy. I need way more pictures than this book had so what did I do? I started a baby sweater of course. Oh and bought some more yarn.

Check out that MEGA skein. It’s 100% soft merino wool, in a baby weight!  And it’s dyable!! And did I mention it’s huge? Like 1,160 yards huge, oh ya. I’m going to dye this up nice. The rest of the yarn is some chenille cotton for me and Sciarrino, and then Tahki Cotton Classic in a bunch of colors to start some log cabin squares for a blankie. After that shopping spree I picked up Bj and we went for a walk around the campus.

It was so pretty with lots of big trees and plants, we’re going to go again this evening. Last night we just chilled and watched some movies and ordered in pizza, it was so nice. This morning after dropping off Bj I decided to give the heel another go. Got out the reading material and went out it. And then pulled it out, and went at it again. I finally got it!

The cool thing is that even though this took me forever to figure out I don’t have to pick up stitches, whoo hoo!!! Maybe I’ll have a finished sock to show you tomorrow, but maybe not, I’m planning on hunting down the new Autumn Leaves book: Designing with Type because they told me my ribbon was in the sources and I really want to see it.

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  1. Did you get that big skein to dye at weaving works? if so, did they tell you the story behind it. It’s superwash even. It dyes up really really nicely. Im in love with it myself.

  2. I knew you’d get it, even without pictures!!Okay….now I’m off to sleep in the tent with the kids. ( celebrating the end of the school year)

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