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This is the roving we dyed. I think I might have felted it a little when I rinsed it this morning. We’ll see… After my lesson I met up with Bj and Salman (his buddy that he works with) and we went to a fab Indian food restaurant (hmm need to get that out soon for lunch) then X Men 3. I missed movie number 2, so I don’t know I didn’t think it was that great, but entertaining a bit.

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  1. You were a great student! The roving looks okay. Maybe a little felted, but let it dry all the way before you play with it. Hard to do, but will prevent further felting. Interesting, what the colors did, eh?
    Re: Food in Seattle. I hope it was the Tast of India you went to on 52nd and Roosevelt. BEST food. REALLY nice people who own it. We are very loyal fans of theirs. Also, try Cedars which is on 50th and Brooklyn ( by Weaving Works). Good, everyday Middle Eastern food.
    It was nice to meet you. Have a safe trip home!

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