Baby Love

Oh I have it bad for this little girl. Violet is my new favorite mini human! I love her. Her mom and dad are doing so great. Brett changes her outfits whenever someone new comes over, how cute is that. Michele is doing A+ with her and she did great at her weight check (which I got to go to, I felt so honored!).
Even the newborn size was a little small. Everyone told them that they didn’t need to get anything newborn size, it would be a waste, so they didn’t. Then they got home and she fit into nothing, so Brett saved the day by going out and getting four sleepers for the baby, and tube tops for Michele. Okay so I totally sucked on getting many pictures, but I was just in baby holding heaven and didn’t think of it. When I got there Michele was nursing and when she was done she handed Violet right to me. And I pretty much held her for most of the four hours I was there. Thought this might have helped stem the baby lust, but no. Just makes me want one more. Sigh.

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