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Remember when I went to that crop on Friday, here is the project I made:

It’s a cute little rainbow baby book for Violet (Michele and Brett’s baby). I figured her parents could put pictures in it or leave it blank. It’s hard to tell by the pictures but this is one of those Maya Road books with chipboard pages, so it’s really thick and sturdy. I think it’s cool that our names are both colors and I’m so excited to meet her tomorrow. Baby holding here I come!
I don’t think I showed a picture of this little sweater I finished for her either. The green is hand spun silk/mohair blend. Ohhh heaven. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough and I don’t have any more fiber either, so I did cascade 220 held together with Rowen Kidsilk Haze. It worked out okay. Lesson learned I guess. I really want to spin some more but I need fiber, and I think I might just wait until I move and set everything up craft wise (man I can not wait). Things are going well over at the house. Today is a kind of house free day for me. They are still sanding the floors, and will be working on them through the weekend. After yesterday’s craziness and getting out the newsletter and everything I slept in until 10:30 this morning, it felt so great. I’m going to put up some new product on the store tonight and hopefully have some relaxing time.

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  1. the album is so pretty and colorful
    i love it! you match pp so well
    i have one of those albums and I love it
    sweater is precious too 🙂

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