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The first few swap packages have been sent out! And remember if your package is sent out on time you’ll be entered into a drawing for an awesome price by me!

I haven’t been able to do much work on my cute little place because my floor guy has been MIA. Man, I don’t know what the deal is. He has like half of one room today. And I freaking have to keep pushing everything back because I can’t go in there when the fumes are going on, and then I have to wait 24 hours to even walk on it. Ahhh!!!! I am so hating this. My plumber was in and out of there under two days. I thought I would be rockin and rollin by now. I’ve had time to do some really serious Ribbon Jar work and whipped up some super cute jars. I’m even parting with my favorite purple jar. Check them out, you should be able to get one since the newsletter doesn’t go out until the first. So I’ve planned a big work weekend and sent emails to everyone I know who might what to help me out. Here is my list:

Things that need to get done:

-Replace termite eaten beam in basement

-Replace all the other beams (just added this for earthquake protection)

-Frame up wall to corner off storage area in basement
-Plug holes left by old oil pipes
-Put plywood or something over the exposed parts of the ceiling
Tear down remaining 2x4s on wall in basement
Jackhammer out big weird block of cement in basement
-Remove old wires hanging from ceiling – cable, phone, etc.
Vacuum up the amazing amount of sawdust everywhere
-Wire brush the walls
-Get big light fixtures for basement
(if all of the above get done on Saturday or early Sunday I would like to try and move on to the stuff below):
-Paint basement ceiling one color (it’s looking a little nasty right now)
-Muratic acid the walls
-Drylok the walls

-Strip doors/cabinets of paint
(if that gets done we’ll paint them all too!)
-New strips where the cabinet doors used to go
Take care of ivy "situation" (started Friday night – could be a long fight)
Remove weird tiny bush thing growing IN the wire fence
-Filling all the holes in the walls/door frames/window frames/everywhere!
-Paint kitchen (My mom got a great head start on this yesterday)

I’ll cross these out and add to them as the weekend goes on so you’ll know my progress. Wish me luck!

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  1. i’ve been a terrible slacker but will get mine mailed out to my super cool buddy who I have been stalking via her blog on MONDAY – i promise!! Good luck with your mile long task list!

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