swirly clouds of fumes

Thanks for all your comments on my finds. I’ve updated my "New to Me – Thrifting Adventures" category to include all my thrifty finds since I started the blog. Enjoy! Speaking of the categories, I think I need a new name for my house category, "does this mean I’m a grown up?" isn’t really doing it for me, any ideas?

So the house. Well I have been going over there often, but not too much progress has been made. This is due to a couple of things. One, the freaking dumpster that would NOT go away no matter how many times I called. How big of a scam is this? They drop off another dumpster after they take the original one to be dumped because a different set of trucks handles empty dumpsters and they are not connected or something. But the lady tells me, "oh don’t worry we are not charging you for all these extra days, we’ll only charge you if there is something in it." So of course I had to stalk my house and make sure no one tossed something in the tempting empty dumpster that was sitting there for days. So I still have a big pile of junk to move in the front because I couldn’t back a truck up there.

The second reason is the floors. The floors look amazing. I really think I would not be exaggerating to say I added ten thousand dollars to the worth of the house. They are so freaking awesome! And the guy putting them them in? So freaking crazy. Okay I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way, but when I was getting estimates and I first met the guy I thought he was maybe a bit autistic, he didn’t make any eye contact, wouldn’t shake my hand, and had some interesting mannerisms. He was so into the wood in the house, reciting detail after detail of the woods, histories, and other odd facts. Well I hired him because he was the most enthusiastic (and was so enthusiastic to work on Pecan that he gave me a price cut). Then he left me this message on my phone, it was totally random asking about when to come work and stuff and at the end he said, "oh sorry if I’m a bit loopy, I just sealed some floors." And after seeing him in action I can see what he means. The stuff he is using on my floors is insanely smelly. Taylor and I went over there yesterday (it was 100+ out and a Sunday, I have no idea why he was working) and went into the basement to tape down some foil to see if I have moisture issues. The whole house had a wavy cloud of stink around it and Taylor and I talked about how we would probably have babies with two heads after five minutes in there. The floor guy had a paper mask on with just little filter things, and NO WINDOWS OPEN!

I went back over there tonight and took a picture through the backdoor, it’s not the best, but it’s my drylok into the concrete with a stiff brush. After that it’s just one more coat with a roller. Ahhhhh! But seriously what choice do I have? The basement has to be perfection if even one roll of ribbon is going to go down there.

So that’s the update so far. I really can not wait to get into the upstairs. I am so excited to see what the rooms will look liked trimmed in white instead of cream. I actually dream about my mom and I being featured in country home, "Mother Daughter Renovation – Perfect in Every Way!"

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  1. man, I just got lost in your POTD…
    I couldn’t stop looking at them! LOVED them.
    YAY for the house progressing…
    can’t wait until you get inside and we can see the floor better.
    and…can you hire someone to do the basement?! ACID? Sounds scary to me…

  2. she’s right pence, maybe tripping on muratic acid isn’t the greatest…two headed babies anyone??

  3. the fumes when getting floors redone is awful
    i know first hand
    he will most likely ventilate the house when the floors are finished sealing
    so no worries about a two headed baby

  4. And your picture of the day… that may be your brain should you choose to use the muratic acid yourself.
    I hadn’t thought about a two headed baby… but that’s a possibility too.

  5. Super-Scientist says:
    Never fear. Hydrochloric acid CANNOT cause 2-headed babies. Also, it depends on the concentration as to whether it’s harmful. 8M (concentrated) HCl is in your stomach. What conc will you need to wash the walls with? Just wear gloves. Bah.

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