I like wide open spaces

Okay so I still need to take pictures of the little book, but I’ll do that soon. For now lets get back to the house. The house with one gigantic room in the basement. You heard that right, the walls came down!
I didn’t get too many action shots because I was upstairs working with my mom. But Bill was worth his weight in gold yesterday. I totally had a freak out crying moment in the morning, like what did I get myself into thing, and he totally came through. Took down the first wall by himself (the one separating the storage rooms that had termite damage) and then Bj showed up and they took out more walls, then Matt was sweet enough to drive down from Portland and help tear down the big wall in the middle. Matt said he’d always wanted to sledge hammer a wall – happy to oblige Matt! Then these wonderful guys pulled back a window and got all the wood up onto the drive way, it will be a ton easier to transfer into the dumpster that comes tomorrow this way. In the process Matt got a nail through his shoe, and into his foot. Ew. Matt go get your tetanus shot!!! Meanwhile mom painted the ceilings in the part of the house that is not coved (bedrooms, and hallway) and I took every piece of hard ware out of the walls, doors, cupboards, all of it. The floors start to get worked on Wednesday and they take 3-5 days, so I want to try and get a lot of things done before hand, like wall patching, so that we can paint right after they are done.

Last night we all went back tired and hungry and jumped straight in the pool
me to Matt: "come over for a swim after we’re done working"
Matt: "I brought my suit, I’m not an idiot."
hehehe. After swimming Susanne’s sister Maria and Maria’s boyfriend Soren (should be a slash through the O, but don’t know how to do that on here) got to our house. Susanne was my exchange student in high school. I’ll go more into it later, but anyway we had a blast hanging out, playing guitar hero ("We don’t have anything like this in Denmark!"), and chatting the night away. Tonight we’re off to a drive in, should be fun!

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  1. My head hurts from diving through the far wall that was backed by concrete. 🙂

  2. you don’t mess around
    i know how you feel
    i was like that when we first bought our house (1st house too)
    so anxious to make it “you”
    it is so much fun!

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