17 cubic feet of cold cold love


It has like a million slots to move the big shelves and the little ones on the door. A sweet drawer, ya it also has some kind of perfect temperature system but I haven’t read those directions just yet.

But this people was the real clincher. Check out this freezer. Now, having not used it yet (okay maybe there’s a little ice cream in there) I can’t say for sure. But I do believe it is the most perfect freezer ever invented of the non hose connected variety. What I mean is, I don’t have plumbing to the fridge area so I need to use the trays for ice. This is no problem to me because it’s very energy efficient (my main reason for wanting a new fridge, okay that and the looks). So they have come up with this great idea, a mini drawer just for holding cube trays!!! Sciarrino remember all the cube spillage we had at 1222? PROBLEM SOLVED! I am going to start a new collection, an ice tray collection baby! Besides that the top drawer down there pulls out and then the bins can be taken out to be washed. That top left one I’m going to use for frozen fruit and then just pull it out to make smoothies, I am a genius, no?

Buying things is a very easy way to upgrade, but we did lots of real work too. The electrician came today, but didn’t finish so I have to leave all the holes in the ceiling of the basement open for now so he can thread wires through them. I had to come up with more things for my kick ass carpenter to do so I though having him help me with the quarter round would be perfect. My mom painted all the trim upstairs while I primed and painted the quarter round. It will be installed between the floor and the trim to cover small imperfections or gaps. I also had the hole drilled for the dryer vent, no more ghetto window situation. Check out the picture of the day for details.

Oh, and yes I did thrift this morning, details later.

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  1. I LOVE IT! Holly… everything that is stainless steal should bow down to the Goddess. The design is superb. Instantly you have a “current” kitchen with vintage flair. Sweetness!

  2. Amber,
    Your house is coming along b-e-a-utifully! I love that fridge too. That’s the same kind I want when I get a house! Miss you tons!

  3. sweet new fridge girl!
    goodness…your kitchen is gonna be awesome!
    crap, your whole house is gonna rock…
    congrats on the new fridge! 🙂

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