An ode to my Electrician

Okay let me set up a little scenario for you. I’ve been working on Ribbon Jar all morning and have to run over to my house at two in order to meet with another guy about the waterproofing situation in the basement. I’m grumpy that everything seems to be going wrong, and leading the guy around showing him the whole basement. I go into the storage room where the light switch was accidentally put behind the door (the electrician installed it before the door was hung), and reach for the switch. But it’s not there, it’s right where it should be on the other side of the door. "oh," I say, "Rick’s been here." (all my subs have keys). I finish up in with the waterproofing guy (temporary bid of $6,700 ouch) and head upstairs. I look over and notice a switch under the sink.

No, it can’t be, I didn’t even talk to Rick about this… See I had a broken garbage disposal, and I was just going to roll with it for a while, but at Home Depot they had one on clearance so I snapped it up and had my plumber install it. Well when I went to turn on the power for the kitchen after the install the disposal just ran and ran and ran. Turns out the kind I used to have took a kind of key. They stopper when turned would turn on the disposal, but the kind I bought took a switch, only I had no switch. So I had to keep the power off in my kitchen and run extension cords to the appliances. So frustrating. So when I saw this I almost cried I was so freaking happy. Not only that, but he gave me two new plugs in the kitchen, and set the time on my microwave (!!!!). I walk around looking for other things he’s worked on. The garage also got an upgrade. Two plugs and a new overhead light. Then in the bathroom (which I can’t go into too much detail about, because it’s a surprise, remember) he had already installed a new fan, but he separated the fan and the light into two switched, so I don’t have to run the fan all the time. I would find this too annoying, like if I was in the bath, and had to hear the fan the whole time. He also installed the light fixture in there. So ya. RICK RULES!!!!!  If you’re in the Salem area he works for Keizer Electric.

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  1. Hi Amber,
    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I’m much older than you, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog (I discovered it through STUFFDOCK). I’ve especially enjoyed following the progress of renovating your Cottage, and have admired your spunk and tenacity, in spite of set-backs. Also, it is very obvious that you are a talented girl (with crafts, scrapbooking, knitting, Ribbon Jar, and house design) but what I have noticed most is your heart for people. It’s very refreshing. I’m a big chicken and I never comment on blogs, but I noticed on your “Need It, Want It, Can’t Afford It” list that today is your birthday. Isn’t it super that without your electrician even knowing it, he gave you a birthday gift that probably meant more than just ‘stuff’.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! I hope it continues to get better!

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