An ode to paint

I want to tell you something that you should never forget:

Trim should only be white, nice clean, white. It should never ever be cream. Cream looks dirty. It should be white.

Now, you may disagree with me, but you will never change my mind, especially after today. Because I had to undo years of cream, green, and even (gasp) peach trim paint. This is so not okay. I just want to show you how wonderful white trim looks:

Oh my mom, I love color and think I rock at color, but my mom can READ MINDS PEOPLE! I am telling you that degree in Interior Design really works! Now I’m not just saying this because she’s my mom, but she is the best designer ever! She would not let me settle for a color just to paint it and get it done with. She went above and beyond and I know I will be so happy with the room now. If you are in our area she free-lances and she rocks, just saying. I mean she even drafted up a plan for the electrical in my basement and now I am getting 15 plugs down there just were I want them because the electrician said he could just do everything according to the plan. I swear if it wasn’t for my mom I’d be going super crazy just about now.

So ya, paint your trim white. Be happy. And if you want to use my white, it’s Picket Fence by Martha Stewart, Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic Semi Gloss (but remember eggshell for the walls!!!), but pick a white that works for you.

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  1. I am getting ready to remodel the inside of my house, so all these tips you are giving, could not have come at a better time for. I commend you for doing all the hard work yourself. I love seeing the process, the floors look awesome!

  2. i love the amber color
    I so agree with the eggshell finish (no glare and instant warmth)
    and white trim
    I did the samething and LOOOOVE it!

  3. Your place looks totally awesome… I think I need to get a picture of you doing all that trim painting, cleaning, sheetrocking, and everything else you’ve been doing, so everyone knows what a hard worker you are! You are relentless… you keep going & going!

  4. I think no-one here ever paints the skirting board (trim) in their home anything other than white. I don’t recall seeing it anyway. People in the know – please correct me if I’ve been blind all these years.

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