Violet Clementine

I love little baby Violet. Spent the day hanging out with Michele and the babe today. Baby love, it’s the best.

Baby Violet and Mommy:

My favorite:
I remembered to have Brett take one of me and Violet together, doesn’t she look like she’s kinda smiling? hehehe. Oh and on a totally separate note I stopped by the house on the way out of town, the yellow looks awesome. Mom: "You don’t need anything else yellow in the house because you have plenty in that room" I don’t really like yellow all that much, but I just felt the need for a yellow room, so no worries mom no yellow accessories for me, that would be too much! Also have a ton of plugs in the basement now, and am even getting one outside, for Christmas lights!!

7 Replies to “Violet Clementine”

  1. Michele and Brett… you better be careful or Amber might just take that little cutie home with her… Great Pictures!

  2. Michele and Brett—your daughter: A DOR A BLE! She looks like the sweetest little lady. Congrats!

  3. She is adorable. Great pictures…and I bet the yellow room looks GREAT.

  4. awwww….
    she is so cute…
    and yes, she’s is totally grinning at you! 🙂

  5. What a smile! I swooned (and I never swoon). x

  6. beautiful baby and momma!! 🙂

  7. she is so pretty!

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