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Okay so being able to paint my house any color I want is so cool, expect that there are a million choices and sometimes it seems that none of them are right. Unlike painting with drylok which is a horrible tedious experience, painting pretty colors is, well, fun. So I have to make some decisions.
The color on the right was my original thought. It’s call baby blanket, but it’s way too soft for me. I think that second richer color is a better bet. Remember I did start that triangle quilt months ago that is white with a melody of greens. My bedroom is going to be small, and for sleeping only (whoo hoo I can’t wait), I think that dark green will work.

The electrician came today and I’m getting the whole basement re-wired. With six sets of florescents and fifteen sets of grounded plugs. I am so excited for this. It’s being done as a favor to my dad, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to take since they are fitting me in between other jobs. I can’t finish sheet rocking all the open bits until the electrician is done, so I think my house won’t be settled until the end of August at the earliest. I’ve gotten a ton done, but here’s a run down of things I still want to take care of before moving in:

-quarter round around the upstairs rooms (I have to prime, paint, cut, install, then pop the finish nails down and cover those holes up, then touch up)
-finish filling holes in walls/moldings and sand down
-paint moldings
-paint windows
-make curtains
-paint rooms
-paint cabinet doors and drawers (sand down/strip first)
-strip and sand doors, then paint, clean and reinstall hardware
-finish up kitchen (finish painting cabinets, strip cabinet doors and paint, paint drawers, new drawer pulls, new cabinet knobs, and closure mechanism, new fridge- maybe! and a super clean)
-paint inside closets
-ugh, the bathroom: patch hole in wall, new sink, new counter top, paint, new light fixture
-clean and paint stairwell
-paint stairs (I’m going to use a non stick because they are steep and narrow)
-I’d like a new thermostat, the one I have now is fugly
-new light fixture in living room
-new step into garage
-three plugs + light in garage (plus switch)
-smoke detectors

-new windows (theses are being made now, but they will come to me "naked" so I’ll have to prime, paint, then route new hing grooves and locks, as well as some kind of holding system to keep the windows open, the sticks I’m using now are nice, but um, not so classy. I also have to come up with some kind of screen, and curtains)
-window moldings (sanded, fixed up, and then primed and painted)
-six lights + 15 plugs + light switches
-paint walls
-sheetrock all openings
-handrail for stairs
-texture ceiling
-paint ceiling
-acid wash or sand floor
-seal floor
-paint floor
-hole for dryer vent through foundation
-install washer/dryer
-smoke detectors

-plug outside? I want one for Christmas lights ๐Ÿ™‚
-finish fence
-inject stump killer
-one more load to dump to clean up pile in driveway
-powerwash house
-clean out gutters

-have the gas turned back on and connections checked
-move mail

Somehow writing this all out makes me feel better, and sure I could do a few of those things after I move in, but I have too many additional projects to list if I included all I plan to do someday, those are must dos.

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  1. Definitely the mustard – the lighter one is a bit ‘kiddies playroom’. And the green too. Should I have told you I sent my parcel to my secret friend? Cos I did! xxx

  2. Love the colors. My bedroom is a pretty yellow, similar to your lighter shade, and my kitchen is similar to your green. And I love both rooms…so hopefully you will too. I’m however, falling in love with the blue ‘robin-egg’ color, and I might just paint my craft room/office that color soon. All the stuff you are doing is so inspiring. I love all the pictures!!

  3. I cannot choose colors on screen I have to see them in print or rather on wallโ€”dried. Thus I will be over sometime shortly to assess the situation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha, ha

  4. I love your color choices
    my children’s room is painted a similar green (my fav. color)
    i love the yellow too
    we have similar color choices
    i painted my stairwell a sofy yellow to evoke light because it is so dark even in the day
    but now it isn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

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