First the Good Stuff

Okay seriously this weekend was phenomenal for getting the old stuff, the old good stuff that is. After the thrilling morning on Friday Sciarrino, Brain, Melissa (his girlfriend) and I headed to the McNary Estates garage sale. They only have it one day a year and this year 97 families were participating. We still had Kathy’s pick up (did I mention she rocks for letting us use this?). The first thing I snagged were a set of these chairs:

Exciting for me is this little camera kit. I have two cool old cameras now. I bought both purely for their decorative value so I can set up this little vignette I have in my head of my travel pictures and souvenirs. By the way these things go for next to nothing on eBay if you’re wanting to do the same thing.
And the other things. A one dollar rain jacket, two blankets for five. I realized last night as I stumbled cold to my mom’s linen closet that I had not extra blankets for these kinds of incidents, so these will work out nicely. Plus they are lime green. Can’t beat it! The basket was thrown in for free, and the jar is a cool square one for a future special collection.

I’m probably done with the thrifting for a bit, I need to get settled and see what I still need. I know I’m still looking for a few random things, like more pots and pans (hard to find in really good condition), and paring knifes (I have zero, and I love them). And I should actually stock up on some boring things like yard tools. Oh but maybe I could paint their handles all cute hmm….

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  1. I rather enjoy being the first post; the camera’s box is so happy You might have to display that. I have the information for the “vintage” moving sale in two weeks safe and sound. You might have to put a video of the house walk through when we’re finished with everything—I think your readers would love it. 😉

  2. I have no idea what I did but I think the computer ate my post…
    I was IN Salem on Saturday…
    stuck helping out at my aunt’s garage sale – I wish I’d have known about the McNary sales, mabye I could have snuck away for a while!
    LOVE the camera . . . I was just telling my friend I wanted to do a vintagey camera display! COOL!

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