A Prayer to the thrifting Gods

The paper said it first, a church pew, at an estate sale. I had to have it, entry way, what? what?

A dollar each, love the type on these, and I love having little bits of chowder or a handful of crackers in this size of thing. I am going to have the weirdest collection of dishes I tell you:

A bunch of stuff for a buck, including the little wire basket. I am so getting back into sewing when I move.

I find it near impossible to say no to $1.00 chairs. Especially nice sturdy ones. I also got some child’s metal chairs, a big huge wooden desk that is in piece in the garage (necessary for moving it – the things massive), a metal cot frame (only three bucks, I have tons of ideas for this), some old candy jars, this funky tin thing, a big bushel basket, and I feel like some other stuff, Sciarrino? Mom? Is that it? I loved having the truck. I didn’t say this before, but last week at the mirror-cot-candy jar-strawberry basket place my mom and I had to leave some prime stuff behind because we had no way to get it home. I know I should get over it, but there was this five dollar aluminum lounger with terry cloth cushions (my mom may comment that they were ugly cushions, but still I thought they were cool)… Anyway, ya the truck rocks.

We have another huge sale to go to tomorrow (try 97 houses participating), and lots of work to do, but your eyes do not deceive you, we moved that stuff right into the new house. I still have so much freaking trim work to paint I can’t believe it. And if anyone has any good links or info on how the heck to paint windows with out painting them shut, please let me know.

And if anyone else found anything good we should all drool over let us know!

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  1. What about your awesome desk in pieces in the garage I didn’t see a pict of that, but frankly I am too tired to read so maybe you said something about it… must rest for day two of hunting. Today was a sweet day…

  2. I’m so glad I have time to read your blog again – I find your adventures so fascinating and watching you put together your house is like watching HGTV or something. LOVE it!

  3. I have a glass bowl similar to the one you have and in addition to desserts, I use it at Christmas to hold inexpensive metallic ornaments (you know those colored balls?) and then weave a small string of lights inbetween. Plug it in and voila a gorgeous Christmas display!

  4. The dresser looks like a vintage Heywood-Wakefield piece. If it is, it might be really valuable.
    The only window painting tip I read recently (from a current issue of BHG Do It Yourself) was to put vaseline on the inside of the window frame on the glass instead of taping off the glass. That way, you just rub the paint right off after things dry.

  5. man…you find the coolest things!
    I didn’t read anyones comments, so I don’t know if someone told you, but that $4 bowl thing is a trifle dish…you could use it for pretty much anything though.
    loving the pew…cool idea!

  6. We are curious about how much you paid for the Lane cedar chest? My mom just picked one up last week in Portland that is almost identical to yours. She paid $65. She was so thrilled to finally get a hope chest… only 51 years after her high school graduation!

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