Does any one own a button maker? Like a really nice one? Anyone want to lead me in any kind of direction here. Is this the kind of thing that is okay to get off eBay? I was thinking something like this, or this set off eBay. And why are these so expensive? Anyone?

edited to add: I just got this (well Ribbon Jar did), and guess what I’m making all of you? Well you just have to wait and see…

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  1. button makers tend to be pretty expensive, but sometimes you can find good ones that are slightly used- I think there was one on the eugene craigslist for $40 last week.
    p.s. nice job on the house…

  2. I know absolutely nothing about button makers, but now you have my curiosity going—what are you doing with a button maker?

  3. What would one make the button out of? A round piece of plastic with no holes, yet? Sorry I have nothing important to contribute except a bunch of sass but what can I say, I’m just curious…

  4. i’ve used one of those before. it made the smaller version of buttons. they work well once you et the hang of it. it takes lots of muscle though to get a good seal!!! they are pricey i agree.

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