Side Splitting

I don’t think there is much in the world that feels as good as a great side splitting laugh. One of those soda pop out your nose, get the hiccups, snorting laughs. The uncontrolable ones that you couldn’t stop if you wanted to. Well every once and a while I laugh like that when I think about the following situation that took place two summers ago….

Bj and I were in the last quarter of our 10,548 mile month long journey around the United States. The night before we had driven one of our longest hardest drives, through windy roads to get to Yellowstone. Bj wasn’t that enthused about Yellowstone, I mean he wanted to see it, but he really had no idea how cool it would be. I had last been there right before the big fire years ago (I think I was eight). So we got a little carried away timewise looking at bubbling mud, and sulfer pits, and all the cool things that are Yellowstone. We even did a mini hike to get a good view of one side of the park. It was then I realized I had to pee. So we hiked down and got in the rig (a champangue colored suburban lent to us by my dad for the trip). I was looking at the park map and getting all wiggly and told Bj to go to a little bathroom area nearby. I had to go so bad by this time and there was no where to park, I was all, "Just drop me off, circle around! I don’t care I have to pee!!!" So I went in and came back out, saw the suburban and gave Bj one of those sigh of relief looks. Then I hopped in the rig, buckeled up and turned to Bj. Only it wasn’t Bj, it was a middle aged man who said, "well hello." OH. MY. GOD. I unbuckeled with out saying a word and jumped out of the Suburban. I looked widely around for OUR rig only to see Bj at the other end of the parking lot crumpled over the streering wheel in laughter. The other guy meanwhile is staring at me like I’m some crazy. Bj drives over and I get in "just drive Bj, get us out of here!" I look back and the other guy is laughing so hard now too. When Bj and I can finally draw breath again he asks me what I was thinking. "Duh, I thought it was our rig." Bj says, "well, ya, but I mean our rig has a huge storage thing on top and different doors in the back, and a different licesnse plate, and…" "And you’re in it?"

So that is the funniest story I have. And since it’s been a while since free associatinos have been in business I’d love a funny story from you. Break up all this renovation monotiny.

oh hey, I realized I have a picture from that day on a layout you can see right here.

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  1. Too funny, i had a giggle as i was reading that! Imagine what that guy was thinking!!!
    Dawn T

  2. My sides split the first time I heard that story, it’s even funny the second and third time hearing it. Did you ever share your story of missing Madona clothes? Now thats a funny one too!

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