Shit hits the fan

I wish I could say I have better news, but unfortunately that is NOT the case. Yesterday when I was down in the basement obsessing over all the cracks in the floor I noticed that one of the beams under the stairs had newer looking termite damage. I called my mom down to look at it, but she thought it was old. She said to clean it all up and then look at it again later. Well I did clean it all up, and looked at it this morning. It was all dusty again and one side was eaten up further. When I kicked the beam gross white little termites came out and started squirming around on the floor.

I have live termites. It’s being treated on Thursday. At least $600 for that and a sugar ant treatment at the same time (I would like my house to be a pest free zone, thankyouverymuch).

The gas company won’t turn my gas back on. They say my pipe outside the house is too rusty. They say I need a pressure check. I had to go the city today to get a permit for that. $41.83 and I still don’t have hot water. No matter really since I don’t have a bathroom sink…

I still can not find the bolts for the desk.

The house is messier than ever even though I spent all weekend cleaning up and washing the floors. Dust everywhere, Bugs everywhere, Spiderwebs, Dirt, Paint, Sheetrock, and a whole pile of crap in the driveway that is making me feel like a huge piece of white trash. If I saw someone walking outside adding a trash bag to the pile of wood/sheetrock/dishwasher/metal crap out front of their house in old painting capris with their socks pulled up and no leg showing, big clunky hiking shoes, an old shirt, hair full of paint, and Cheeto dust all over her face I would run. Unfortunately that person is me. And you can’t run away from yourself.

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  1. Oh Amber, It’ll all come right I promise. I think you are doing such a fine job of the whole thing – and doing it yourself too! When I bought a house a few years ago we lived in it without a kitchen for 4 months and then without a bathroom for a year! Horrid, then I moved out. That’s so different from the way yours is going. You’re getting through it so quickly it won’t be long ’till your relaxing in your new pad.
    Also: MY PACKAGE ARRIVED! YEAH! I am soooooo pleased with it I almost cried looking at all the fantastic things I got. What a swap partner – She’s the best! Mwoh!

  2. Amber, it sounds to me like you are being too reserved in your upset. You seem to be taking everything quite calmly and talking about it in a sensible way. STOP IT. Jump up and down and stamp your feet. Shout at everyone you talk to for ten minutes. After you’ve apologised to everyone you’ve deeply offended ;-). You’ll feel much better. In fact, why don’t you start with me. Tell me how out of order my comment was. COME ON. Grrrrrr. I dare you! You smell. Nerrrrrrr. Poop HEAD. hahahahaha. Americans are bobbins. Woooooooo. Come on! Your plugs only have two pins. You spell aluminium wrong. You even get the time wrong. 4.12am. It’s 12.12. Gosh.
    As Kay says, you shouldn’t worry as you are obviously more than capable of getting all this sorted. However much you have to spend and do, it’s always going to be cheaper than renting and everyone loves there own place!

  3. total bummer lady. it will all work out. you have done some much in such a short time. feel very lucky that you are able to do most of this work before you move in!

  4. ahhhh sis,
    everything happens for a reason, think if you would have found the termites after you moved in, and after they ate all your ribbon,Ive herd that termites love ribbon. that would have been a total bummer.

  5. awww Amber!
    I’m so sad…but your funny brother is right, at least you found them before you put your ribbon down there! (not sure about termites loving ribbon…but at least it probably made you laugh!).
    hang in there!!!

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