Do you want the bad news first?

Or the good news? Well I’ll give you the good news. I went to a few garage sales this weekend and had a really great find. Something I actually need (!) and have been looking for (!!)
I’m using a thrifted letter tray as a temporary dish dryer, do you love how they spelled coming wrong?  Because I do. Anyway happy fun times continued through the evening and into Sunday. Matt’s mom was driving into Salem so he got dropped off at my place. He, Bj and I went to my storage unit where I couldn’t wait to find all my hidden treasures. Things have been in there for a freaking year. Things like this desk. Of course I couldn’t find the bolts to put the thing together (and I have absolutely no idea where they are). But that’s not the really bad news, read on…

So today we got to work. The big job was diamond grinding the cracks in my basement floor to make them bigger. Yes you have to open them up in order to fill them. Here’s Bj hard at work:
Bj opened up this crack by the furnace and OH MY GOD water started coming up. We are talking about a summer day where it hasn’t rained in weeks, and it’s over 90 degrees outside. So ya, if water is coming up this time of the year, it’s not looking good for winter. Commence freaking out.

Let me tell you what my neighbor Tracy had to do when water wouldn’t stop coming out of her basement. She had to have a trench dug on the INSIDE around the whole perimeter of the basement. Then after they dug three feet down to the dirt they layered gravel and perforated pipe then more gravel then they re-poured the concrete and installed an industrial strength sump pump. Besides the huge inconvenience there is also the $5,000 fee. Oh, and who doesn’t have $5,000 to spare, that would be me.


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  1. Focus on the good things.
    Hopefully you will solve the problem today.
    and those bolts… you’ll find them. You”ve got a lot of stuff to put on that desk, you have to find them!

  2. Those are my dishes ! I’ve had them for years and love them as much now as when I first purchased them. And yes, some have broken over time … boy would I like to get my hands on a few replacement pieces. 😉 Enjoy. C.

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