Swap Wrap Up

My lovely swap buddy was Emily. She sent me all these goodies, and two other things that I snatched up right away to take to my new place: funky napkins and a pretty bar of soap. I think my favorite thing of all is that vintage hip frame, I’ve never seen those before, so cool. In fact all the frames are cool I can’t wait to get into my new studio so I can play, play, play! I know that most of you have gotten your packages, and all have been sent but one (unfortunately a death close to the family, so very understandably she hasn’t gotten to it). I would love to hear if the rest of you got your packages so that I can draw for the super cool swap Ribbon Jar!!! People I still need to hear whether or not they got their package:
Kim M.
Heidi P.
Kay T.
Dawn T.
Sarah M.

8 Replies to “Swap Wrap Up”

  1. Not yet but I have been more or less stalking the postman looking for it. Hoping to get it today or tomorrw (sigh).

  2. and oh my the PINK Jars! I love-a da pink.

  3. i love your goodies
    I got the newsletter and i love the pink jars! 🙂

  4. i posted awhile back that I got my package from Cara. Sorry, it must have slipped through the cracks.

  5. also, sarah m. posted that she got my package on her blog.

  6. I didn’t realize until just now how many frames I did send you!!! Glad you liked your things 🙂 em

  7. Hello Amber, i have not recieved my package yet, i will check again this afternoon.
    What a fab package!

  8. Yes, I posted awhile back on one of your swap threads. I received my packaged from Heidi! your package from Emily is awesome. Thanks for hosting this super cool crafty swap!

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