It’s Magic!

Not too much to report from thrifting today, a bunch of duds, I don’t think mom and I were that into it really. And a couple of the houses just had so much stuff that it makes you feel like maybe you don’t need to be a hoarder. Seriously this one was just too much, and a ton of craft stuff, but held on to for so long and in bad storage that it was all smelly and… Of course I still came home with a big tin tub (Mom: "What are you going to use it for?" Me: "Um… Drinks at my house warming party?" Mom: "Well as long as it has a purpose."), a few jars, and a metal basket. The estate sale I got this toy from was at this awesome huge old house less than a mile from my new place. Cool to go into just to look around at all the little rooms and nooks and crannies. This is all I took from there, and I love the directions. Some excerpts:

"Even thought the Magic Designer must be classified as a ‘toy,’ it has captured the interest of many ‘grownups’ and has provided pleasant hours not to mention novel results!"

"The results will many times surprise you and be most pleasing."

"Envelope of 100 paper discs 60c, plus 6c postage."

I wish! I might go back and get the other one that didn’t have a box for the one dollar just to get some more discs. They are specially notched, and I don’t think it would be easy work to make more. And if anyone knows of any really thin pens that would fit in here, let me know, because this bic pencil was the only thing I could get to fit in here, and not very well. Not even regular wooden pencils fit. And as the directions say:

"A good ball-point pen should be used for professional work."

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  1. That is such a great find. My daughter has a Klutz one but it is plastic and all it takes is one stepping on by my 4 year old son and it is broken. Why can’t they make things like this now a days? I guess that is what makes thrifting all the more alluring because we can find neat items like this.

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