Boy is it time for a catch up on my life. Basically I’ve been moving, and chances are you’ve moved before so you know why I haven’t posted, nothing looks pretty when you’re moving. But let me start further back. So on Thursday I had my first night in the house (well, I’ve sleep here three times before, but really just because I was working late then, I didn’t live here). Bj came down to be with me since I was being a bit of a scardy cat, I’ve actually never lived alone before. I was very domestic and made him a crock pot dinner and everything. Then basically I just organized and cleaned Friday, and went over to my mom’s to pack all the boxes. Saturday my new neighbor, Tracey, and I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber festival.

It totally rocked! Tracey observes the cutie cute sheep. We’re thinking I should have one in my back yard, she said she would baby-sit when I was gone. I mean aren’t they so cute?

But the talented delivery guys figured it out (while I freaked it was going to fall over:

And the built-ins are all done, save the ones in the dining room, which I need to work on still:
What’s behind that door? The bathroom, but it’s still not quite ready for it’s reveal. It doesn’t have a handle for one thing! So what do you think?

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  1. Love the kitchen colors, and the basement totally ROCKS! And, it is pretty neat that you already have a ‘buddy’ neighbor. Can’t wait to see all of the Ribbon Jar stuff organized. And what kind of dryer is that? I’ve never seen one that looks like a cabinet. Is there a storage area above it, or do you hang clothes to dry or what? It will be nice having them down in the basement so you can do loads while you work. 😉

  2. Hi Amber Lee,
    You’ve made amazing progress since that “half way” post of 10 days ago! Everything looks so great! You’re getting there girlie!!

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