Amber’s Secret Project

Okay people are you ready for some serious bathroom cuteness? First let’s take a look back at the nastiness that once was:

I had the soap dish and took the small mirror from my mom’s. The bigger mirror from the first pic was something I already had too, it was over the fireplace at my old townhouse. The little hobnail dish was $10 at a second had store. That along with my medicine cabinet hold most everything I need to get ready:

The shower curtain is from Anthropology and is on loan from Sciarrino. My grandma got me nice new white towels and this bathmat. I found the bath caddy after a considerable hunt on Amazon. No place had it locally, and it was less than $20 shipped so you can’t beat that. I’m so over the ones that go in the corner, had those all through college. And my shower head is so low something over that would look silly (when I say low, I mean low. I’m 5’3" and I have to bend back to get my head under it).

It’s hard to take a picture of lights, but trust me this is cute. My electrician put it in, and the fan. I patched the holes from the "saggy breasts" fixture that was there before. The bathroom really looks a lot cleaner because of the awesome new ceiling paint.
The trim. Dave the carpenter has been here three days this last week to help me finish things up. This was already primed when I bought it at Home Depot, and I painted it before it was installed. Then touched up after.

Here’s a run down on my $785 bathroom re-do
Paint and supplies: $50
Sink and Facet: about $250
Light and fan: $150
Trim: $50
Hardware (hinges, knobs, towel bars, etc): $150
Shower head: $15
Accessories (container, plastic drawers for cupboard, bath caddy): $50

Tile and supplies: $70

I need to go through my receipts, but that’s pretty close. That’s the most by far of any room, but worth every penny I think.

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  1. Amazing! I love absolutely everything about it. Have I mentioned that I’m jealous you have a house to renovate? I want to see the pics of the basement now that the floor is painted. Heck, I want to see pics of everything!

  2. fabulous bathroom Amber!
    I have to tell you that I spent the entire drive back down to Corvallis thinking about fun little things I could do to my apartment…your place was so inspiring!
    and…I just may have to steal your bathroom color scheme.
    I love it!

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