Picture Re-Cap

Okay have to make this quick:
Decided on green for the fireplace too, and I love it. Love the flowers from the Leks, so cool, thanks guys!

And now we’re off and I won’t see you for nearly two weeks. Bj and I have both agreed not to take computers or work phones or anything. So we’ll just be relaxing. And knitting, I hope for lots of knitting. See you later!
(picture courtesy of Bj’s co-workers)

5 Replies to “Picture Re-Cap”

  1. Awesome!…. BJ You look fabulous!

  2. Have a fun trip!! Take lots of pictures!

  3. love your fireplace
    so cool and unique!
    have fun in Hawaii!!

  4. awww…glad you liked the card! 🙂
    have a fantastic time…
    relax and enjoy!

  5. Wow.
    Everything looks just beautiful girl.

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