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So I have this problem with wedding registries, many of them bug the crap out of me. Either everything is a) not my taste (obviously this is my problem) or b) ridiculously huge. So when Bj and I set about registering I wanted to make sure that we only put things on the lists that we needed. I mean, we’re not going to advertise for it in our invites, and I want to make sure we get the most important things first. So how did I end up putting $579 worth of picture frames on our Pottery Barn list? I justified it with a scale drawing, that’s how. At Macy’s we were very good, china, pots and pans, just basic stuff. Then at Williams and Sonoma we went a little more crazy (apple peeler anyone?) and now it seems I really have no self control.

See part of the problem of these registries is that they give you 10% off to get the rest of your stuff after you’re married. This is where the picture frames come in. I have nothing up on my walls right now. The craft room has a map, a painting, and two boards, but it’s the most decorated in the house. I want a place to display all my photos and things, but I don’t really have one right now, besides the little phone cupboard. So when my mom and I found these photo frames at Pottery Barn yesterday ideas started popping into my head. We had a store clerk following us around with a pad and pen since there little scanner wasn’t working. I just kind of pointed at things and let him add them (oh my god it was so much fun). But then I had a little bit of remorse this morning so I went back to check on the registry and make sure I didn’t get anything too unnecessary. This led to the chart, which let to adding even more frames to the list, but you know what people? I’m not sorry. I now have planned a six foot by three foot wall of wonder!

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