And now the planning phase.

First of all thank you for your sweet comments, and wonderful stories, I loved them all. I love my blog readers!

So okay I’ve been collecting Martha Stewart  Wedding magazines for like 10 years, no joke. Luckily when I was smashed into my mom’s house I did some major editing of my magazine collections, resulting in these binders for my wedding stash. I’ve already looked through them with Bj and edited down further to about 20 good pages of stuff that we like. Plus we registered for our china on Saturday at Macy’s. Bj actual spotted the pattern first, and it is called grosgrain (which is the name of a ribbon) so how could I resist? We have to work fast because we’re hoping for a March 31st wedding. We just can’t handle living an hour apart any more, it’s complete torture. I have a really awesome place temporarily on hold for the reception for that date, but I just got some info from the exclusive caters and it’s so expensive, I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it work. We’ll see. We have an appointment on Friday with a wedding consultant so maybe she’ll have some other good options. Plus I found out that the dress I’ve had in my head forever is a discontinued Vera Wang. But it’s way to early to start freaking out now, right?

In other news the Ribbon Jar and I are best friends again. I’ve been making lots of custom jars for my customers, and I’m going to do some special collections up this week. I’ve restocked all the favorites, and am adding some wicked cool new things, that make me want to just sit down and be crafty. I’ll I’ve had time for is this:

I had it started before I left because I needed something to just knit. No counting, no anything, just knitting. All I have to say is, log cabin rules. But any fan of Mason Dixon and their book knows that!

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  1. OMG….super super congrats!!
    so awesome!!
    I am so happy for you two!!
    I can’t wait to see your wedding!
    I know you will totally be a beautifully bride

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