Turkey Success!

I did it! I coordinated and cooked a big Thanksgiving feast right here in my little cottage! When I first got the place I was so excited that I shouted out, "I’ll do Thanksgiving!" with out really thinking what that entailed. Then I got engaged and it kinda fell to the back burner so this last week I really had to get my ass in gear to get everything done. I went to the grocery store, and luckily they were nice enough to help me find all the things on my list that I had no idea what they looked like (fennel bulbs?!?!). After getting all stocked up Bj came over the day before and help me with some last minuet things, like hanging a new curtain rod, raking the leaves, etc. I stayed up too late on Wednesday and the only reason I popped out of bed Thursday morning was because of the nightmares I’d had that night that I got up too late and didn’t get the turkey in until 11. But no fear, I stuffed that bird and shoved it in the oven just in time. I had cut up a bunch of stuff the night before so I really just had to figure out what giblets were and stuff like that. I made the turkey, two stuffings from scratch, gravy from giblet broth, acorn squash and fennel and mandarin salad. My mom and Bill brought two kinds of cranberry relish, wine, and a green bean and hazelnut dish. Michele and Brett brought the potatoes, salad, and the entertainment (baby Violet, and a cool new version of Cranium). Bj’s parent’s brought dessert. It was so much fun!

Bj’s appetizers.

and the other side:

It was so great to have everyone bring something. We ate at about three, and then chatted, played a game, had dessert. And afterwords Bj said I was going to make a great wife, awe! So sweet!

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  1. Amber, Congrats on your first Thanksgiving!! Glad it went off without a hitch. And I’m happy to hear you now know what giblets are 🙂 You are officially domesticated!

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