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March 31st is our official wedding date! Lots to do, like find the ceremony site, but we do have the reception place picked out, the grand ballroom at the Governor Hotel. Bj and I met with a woman there and then we met with our planner to discuss more details. I am getting so flipping excited for the wedding, the dress, the place, it’s all coming together. We also registered at Williams and Sonoma, um, registering? So fun. Of course I had to go out it with a little bit of a plan. I had gone through everything to find out what I needed, and also registered for everything that I borrowed from my mom for Thanksgiving.

Other than that I took a little break and spent a lot of time this weekend spinning and knitting:

I love knitting with hand spun, it so much more interesting that regular yarn. I also made a curtain for my kitchen window. I’m going to make more curtains up today hopefully, since I’m sort of snowed in:

It’s really coming down. The sun just broke, so we’ll see if it melts off, but it’s supposed to be really cold again tonight. It’s so cool, my mom and I were squealing when it started to really come down. I think I’ll have to make a nice crackling fire tonight, and do some cooking:

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  1. omg! the grand ballroom?!
    beautiful reception spot!
    I’ll be in the grand ballroom in a couple weeks for my company Christmas party. 🙂
    oh man…looks like you got more snow than us.
    I’m hoping we get more overnight too! 🙂

  2. okay, I was wrong…
    I’ll be in the Heritage Ballroom (at the fabulous Governor Hotel)in a few weeks for my work Christmas Party. Just had to come revise that. 🙂

  3. How the heck did you guys get snow, before me here in Vermont???! Little jealous? Umm, ya! Your reception space looks amazing! I’m getting more excited by the day! Got my measurements and stuff to mail to you. Text me your address!!! How do I not have it??

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