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Thank you to all of those who commented and e-mailed to tell my that my humble little shop, The Ribbon Jar was featured on Stacy’s blog today as part of her 12 Days of Christmas. I think I read Nancy’s comment first, and I was all, hmm, wonder how things are going down in Ribbon Jar land. With out a doubt the number one perk of being self employed is that I can sleep in, and I do. I usually start work at about ten. So I go downstairs and oh my god I was slammed today. It’s a one woman show (you know besides the free work I get out of my mother, who keeps me sane by the way, coming over on her lunch break to help me out) and I like to get things moving. Even though it says 24-48 hours to ship I like to get orders out the same day. Well today I did at least 10 custom jars, and usually I wait a few days to ship those out because I make them up with tags and everything, but I want everything to go out quickly because I’m thinking people want it for the holidays, right? So that’s how we get to now: 1:30 am and I just finished work (well finished packing orders, the work is never done, NEVER). Tiny breaks to eat (and not clean up after myself as my kitchen can attest to) and refresh news sites hoping that James Kim has been found (no news yet, keep praying! And how awesome is Kati, breastfeeding both her children to keep them from starving, you totally rock!). Now I’m in a "I don’t know where the camera is, half my laundry is in a crumpled pile on the floor, I have 50 emails to answer, December jars to put together, wedding stuff to do, save the date cards to get out, and about a dozen holiday gifts to whip up" panic state. But it’s a good panic state, and hey maybe after today I can actually pay myself and buy one of the presents I was planning on making!

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  1. Miss Amber Pence! Rosalyn here from freshman crew days! Just got back in touch with Sciarrino after much too long and she alerted me to your blog and The Ribbon Jar. I love it all! Congrats on your business…and the engagement! I am so happy for you! I just sent the Ribbon Jar link to two of my aunts who love ribbons and all things crafty so you might be hearing from them:) Happy Holidays!

  2. Amber Lee–How proud of you am I? VERY!!! Glad the business is booming. Great things are coming out of all your hard work…people will be getting their orders before Christmas, you can pay yourself, and best of all, you can sleep in (unlike some people who have 8-5 jobs!!) Congrats girl!

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